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Drying Lemon Balm for Kombucha

I feel so blessed to have lemon balm, peppermint, chives, yarrow, biscuitroot, kamas, and other herbs and plants growing across my property. Today I’m extra grateful for lemon balm — that prolific, tasty herb that spreads like wildfire in spring and adds an extra zing to my salads.

Today I’m going to dry some lemon balm and use it to make kombucha. I’m anxious to see how this will turn out. I also threw in a few peppermint leaves while I was picking these leaves from my herb garden. Stay tuned on how this new kombucha will turn out!

If you don’t know about lemon balm, you should read about how healthy it is. There are many, many health benefits to it, it’s easy to grow, and easy to implement into your diet. Here’s a link to some of the healthy affects lemon balm can have on your health: https://www.healthline.com/health/lemon-balm-uses. I also sell potted lemon balm in my store! If you’re local and are interested in owning your own herb garden, hop on over to my shop.